Toyota Tacoma Black Out Kit Reviewed

Thinking about blacking out your Toyota Tacoma emblems and decals?

Check this out!  Toyota Tacoma Black Out Kit Video Install and Review Created, Submitted, and Shared by LoyalToyota; a.k.a.- Raul Alvarez

Today, we discovered that a prominent photographer known as LoyalToyota, recently  installed one of Nox Lux’s proprietary Toyota Tacoma Black Out Overlay Kits, and he absolutely LOVED IT!

Check out the Video As LoyalToyota Installs and Reviews the Toyota Tacoma Black out Overlay Kit by Nox Lux-

Toyota Emblem and Toyota Decal Black Out Overlay Kits

Toyota Tacoma black out overlay decal kit

Nox Lux also carries other aftermarket black out overlay kits for Toyota Tundra, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla. If you want to make your ride really unique, make sure to check out our wide range of sleek custom dashboard kits for Toyota here->

We also carry high performance on and offroad LED lights for Toyota, and you can view those here->

Till Next Time,
The Nox Lux Team

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