How to Buy Off Road LED Light Bars

Off-Road LED Lights and OffRoad LED Light Bars

aurora LED lights and offroad LED light bars

Collage of Off-road LED Lights and LED Light Bars

How to Buy Off Road LED Lights

Tips on how to get the best LED light bar your money can buy…

Why settle for stock lights on your ride or rig when you can have so much more with the many different options available with high performance automobile LED lighting solutions.

What Are Off Road Led Lights?

Are you an avid offroad 4×4 enthusiast? Have you been thinking about upgrading your ride with some auxiliary LED lighting so you can stay out and play in the trails a bit longer at night? Both novice and expert off-road enthusiasts may be interested in discovering some of the basic in’s and out’s of 4×4 led lights and off road LED light bars.  As there are a large number of options when it comes to off-road lighting systems, off-road LED lights have seemed to be taking the lead these days when compared to the likes of traditional headlight bulbs, HID lights, Halogen and/or Xenon lights.

Automobile LED Lights and Off-road LED Light Bar Applications-

There are currently a myriad of applications that automobile led lights and offroad LED light bars can be used with. Depending on what your intentions are in terms of what the LED lights will be used for will obviously be one of the biggest determining factors in what type of automobile LED lights you should purchase. There are interior and exterior, on and off-road LED lighting options for just about any type of vehicle, such:  Jeep, Toyota 4×4’s, 4WD’s, cars, SUV’s, 4×4’s, trucks, trophy trucks, stadium trucks, enduro racing, rally racing, ATV’s, UTV’s, ORV’s, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, Side by Sides (sXs), dune buggies, rock crawlers, hill climbing trucks, RV’s, lawn and farm equipment, forklifts, tow trucks, snow plows, construction equipment, emergency vehicles, boats, motorcycles,… As you can see, if you want extra lighting for your vehicle, you should have no problem finding a an LED lighting system that works for your particular purpose.

Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Before Buying On / Off Road LED Lights and LED Light Bars

When looking into purchasing off-road LED lights there are some basic questions you should be asking yourself and answering before you spend any amount of money. Some of these rudimentary questions would be as follows- What do you plan on using these lights for? How often do you plan on running your 4×4 LED lights? Do you know the different components that make your off-road LED lights work? Do you know what it is exactly that makes a high quality off-road LED light tick? How can you tell the difference from a performance grade product versus that of a poorly manufactured product? What Types of Off-road LED Lights Are There? Should I buy a cheap off road LED light bar on Amazon or Ebay or should I look for an established and reputable high performance LED light bar retailer? Will my vehicles electrical system be able to handle the extra electricity needed to run these lights? Will I need to get a stronger battery, second battery, or is a relay box fine? What type of warranty does the off road LED light bar retailer provide?

These are just some of the important questions you should be asking and researching the answers for when comparing led light bars form different manufacturers or retailers.

The Different Types of Off-Road Led Light Systems

When it comes to LED lighting, there are many variations and options to choose from. There are single row through multiple row LED light bars ranging from 2” LED light cubes ranging up to 50 inch LED light bars long. There are small working LED pod cube lights. There are also round LED fog lights and LED spot lights, on and off-road LED headlight systems available for just about any type of vehicle. Optional trim, wheel well, and under carriage LED light systems; LED strip lighting for both interior and exterior applications; etc.

All of the on and off road led light systems typically come in a wide range of colors, beam patterns, with different types of reflectors, lenses, and optics, different LED chips and circuitry, … Getting to one of the most important points of this entire article, basically the off-road LED light bar industry being very similar to just about how every other type of product is sold; cheaper typically means poorer quality, high dollar typically means higher quality- although that is not always the case.

Different types of LED Light Bar Ratings-

ROHS- This rating deals with the rules and regulations for management of hazardous materials contained within a product.

CE- General European compliance standard ratings

E-MARK- European Union rating for automobiles and automotive parts and accessories.

ISO9001- Quality standards certification used to protect consumers, protecting them from purchasing sub-standard products. The ISO9001 rating is a set of rules and regulations that manufacturers must abide by, and meet or exceed, and pass official regulatory certification before public sale of products.

SAE- “SAE International, initially established as the Society of Automotive Engineers, is a U.S.-based, globally active professional association and standards developing organization for engineering professionals in various industries.” Source- Wikipedia

IP ratings-IP67, IP68, and IP69k- These ratings pertain to the sealing capabilities of a product that has internal electrical components. In this case, the rating is used to measure the effectiveness of how well the off road led light bar keeps out water, sand, dust, moisture/condensation, salt, extreme temperatures, …

Military spec compliance- MIL STD 810 rating system deals with if a product can stand up to the US Military’s extreme testing processes and product standards. This product rating system refers to how well a product can withstand overall general abuse in extreme conditions. Some of the criteria that each product must surpass before achieving the prestigious MIL STD 810 rating are as follow- how well the product is sealed, withstanding of low and high pressure altitude; exposure to extreme temperatures and sudden drastic changes in temperature; rain (torrential, windblown, freezing), humidity and condensation, fungus, rust testing, sand and dust exposure, gunfire and explosive environments; acceleration, shock and transport shock, and other random vibrations.

Lifetime Expectancy/ Number of Hours- There is not rating system for the lifetime of an off road LED light bar. Just remember, when you are going to buy an off-road LED light bar, to keep an eye out for the amount of hour life the product is expected to operate within. FYI- Most high performance off road LED light bars will operate for 50,000+ hours or equivalent to 5 consecutive years of operation time. Use this information, as well as the other information provided in this article,  and in culmination with the verbiage of the warranty and the time frame of the warranty offered by the manufacturer and/or retailer.

Different Types of LED Light and LED Light Bar Components: Off road LED light bar housing, LED Light chips and circuitry, Reflectors/Optics/Lenses:

Offroad LED Light Bar Housing- What type of housing does your off-road led light bar use-Aluminum, Stainless steel, or mixed steel? Does the housing have a protective coating such as Dupont’s special anti-mar, anti-corrosive, UV resistant application or an equivalent? Does the off-road LED light bar use stainless steel hardware? Does the LED light bar use high quality gaskets and meticulous manufacturing processes to keep out the elements?

What is the IP rating of the LED light bar water resistant or waterproof? IP67, IP689, IP69k?

Mainstream LED Light and Circuitry Manufacturers-


OSRAM LED- Oslon German Made

Philips/ LUMILED- Dutch Company.

Epistar- Taiwan based. Usually used in the cheaper off road LED lightbars on Ebay and Amazon. Recently signed a cross patent deal with CREE LED to share rights to related LED technology.

Common LED Wattage Used in Off road LED Light Bars- 3 watt, 5 watt, 7 watt, 10 watt +

One of the major criteria you should be aware of with the LED chip sets and the actual LED bulbs is that in a large number of instances, the LED chip sets will be used with low quality LED bulbs that tend to burn out slow usually only after 500-1000 hours of use usually caused by low amounts of fluorescent powder used in the manufacturing of the actual LED itself. Meaning you could buy a cheap off road LED light bar that uses a quality LED chip set but a poor LED, or vice versa, a poor quality LED chip set with a quality LED bulb.

Optics- Reflectors, Projector Lenses, and Reflector Patterns –

Standard off road LED Light Bars

3d off road LED light bars

4d off road LED light bars

5d off road LED light bars

6d off road LED light bars

Coming in driving beam, spot beam, fog beam, diffusion beam, combo beam, scenery beam, driving light beam

How to get the most bang for your buck when buying off-road led light bars

  • Is the Off-road LED light bar retailer established?
  • Are the LED lights, circuitry, and LED light components from a reputable LED manufacturer or are they generic LED’s?
  • How are the LED lights placed in relation to the reflector lens hole openings where the LED lights are supposed to sit? Are the LEDs placed EVENLY or very close to within each hole?
  • Where the LED holes sit on the reflector, are the edges nice and smooth or are they full of burrs, nicks, or have very rough edges? If so, this will contribute to loss of LED light projecting into the actual reflector, restricting the lighting capabilities of the off road LED light bar substantially.
  • Have you conducted your thorough due diligence processes (research, comparison, final picks) on the off-road LED lights that you plan on buying?

When you do finally decide to put in your due diligence to compare 4×4 led lights and light bars from some of the best offroad LED light bar retailers, you will start to see, understand, and pay attention to what to look for when conducting your off road LED light bar review, comparison, and purchasing processes. You may be pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised at what you find out.

To finish our informative article on automobile LED lights and Off Road LED Light Bars

If you are looking for a high performance off road LED light bar that will outshine and outlast most of the cheap LED light bars on Amazon or EBay, Tradekey, DHgate, Alibaba, or other bargain basement brand marketplaces or retailer websites; the following would be the most important criteria you would want to have in your high performance off-road LED light systems, as well as, the actual retailer/manufacturer that is selling the product:

  • The Regulatory Rating seals- CE, ROHS, SAE, E-Mark, ISO 9001
  • IP68 Rating at the very least, preferably the IP69k rating as all of the premium off-road LED light bars have this rating.
  • MIL STD 810
  • The type of LED’s the off-road LED light bar is equipped with CREE and OSRAM LED’s are typically the top choice for high performance off-road LED lights.
  • Warranty
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Check out video’s that display testing of the off road LED lights you would like to purchase.


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Offering high tech, hyper performance off road LED lights and LED light bars with all regulatory certifications, Military Spec rated, IP69k rated.

Check out our Off Road LED Light Bars Torture Test Video- Our off-road LED lights being put through many destructive tests such as high pressure water jets, submersion in water, freezing the lights, the ball bearing drop test, driven over by a big truck, dropped off the 6th floor of a building…and yes they continue to work as if they were brand new out of the box directly from the manufacturer.


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