50 Inch Off Road LED Light Bars

Types of 50″ LED Light Bars

Hyper Performance 50 Inch Off Road Oslon/CREE LED Light Bars for Trucks, Jeeps, SUV’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, ORV’s, Side by Sides, Tow Trucks, Snow Plows,  Construction and Farm Equipment, Boats…

50 inch LED light bars

Why Our 50 Inch LED Light Bars Get You the Most Bang for Your Buck

Nox Lux offers premium off road 50″ LED light bars in a wide range of variations and configurations. Furthermore, Nox Lux, also stocks LED off-road light bar mounting brackets, stainless steel hardware, wiring harnesses, multi control boxes, and LED light bar covers. Our LED light bars are comparable to that of top of the line name brand models, comprised of very similar components, while carrying the same ratings, but offered at a fraction of the cost of big box brands.

All of our 4×4 LED lights are hand crafted with the finest of materials, utilize cutting edge LED technology from Osram or CREE, carry the “difficult to acquire” IP69k rating and MIL STD 810 rating for military use, are rated to run for 5 years continuously, and come with an impressive 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Nox Lux Currently Carries the Following 50 In. LED Light Bars

Single Row 50″ Offroad LED Light Bar- https://nox-lux.com/product/aurora-50-single-row-led-light-bar/

Dual Row 50″ Offroad LED Light Bar- https://nox-lux.com/product/aurora-50-dual-row-led-light-bar/

Curved 50″ Offroad LED Light Bar- https://nox-lux.com/product/aurora-50-curved-dual-row-led-light-bar/

Single Row 50″ Marine LED Light Bars- https://nox-lux.com/product-category/off-road-led-lights/aurora-marine-series-led-lights/

Not to be confused with the cheap LED lights found on Ebay, Amazon, and a large number of other bargain basement off road LED lighting retailers! Compare our off road LED lighting systems specs, features, ratings, and prices to big box competitors and find out for yourself. Half the price for twice the light!

About us-

High performance off road LED light retailer offering a wide range of 4×4 led lights, on and off-road accessories, emblem kits, tailgate inserts, running boards, skid plates, LED grille kits…
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