Different Types of Off Road 40 Inch LED Light Bars

Off-road 40 inch LED light bars

Off-road 40 inch LED light bars for trucks, Jeep, offroad vehicles, ATV’s, UTV’s,

single row off road 40 inch led light bar
Are you in need of extra lighting while working, off-roading, camping, or fishing? As there are a wide range of offroad LED lighting solutions and systems to choose from, the larger light bars such as the 40” LED light bar, can come in handy when and where extra lighting is needed.
Aurora off-road LED lights offer some of the most rugged and powerful 4×4 off road LED light bars, cubes, and systems that are currently available on the market. Do not be fooled by the cheaper knock offs, check out this video proving Aurora off-road LED lights can take a brutal punishment from the elements and keep on shining consistently as if they were still brand new.

Check out our single row 40″ Light Bar here-> https://nox-lux.com/product/aurora-40-single-row-led-light-bar/
Top Features of Our High Performance Off-road 40 inch LED Light Bars for Trucks, Jeeps, 4×4’s, 4wd’s, ORV’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, SxS’s, Snowmobiles, etc.

dual row 40 inch led light bar off road

Our Premium grade LED Light Bar Features-

– Built with cutting-edge 3watt/5watt + CREE/Osram LED technologies
– IP67, IP 68, and the highly coveted IP69k Ratings (most LED light bars do not have this rating!!!)
– DuPont Protective Coating- Anti-Mar/ Anti-corrosive/ Anti-UV
– MIL STD 810 Ratings
– 2 Year Warranty!
– 50,000 Hour average lifespan

Check out our dual row 40″ Off-road LED light bar here-> https://nox-lux.com/product/aurora-40-dual-row-led-light-bar/

High performance offroad LED light bars,  LED headlights, LED spot lights, LED Fog Lights coming in Driving beam, Combo beam, Diffusion, Scenery, and Spot Beam. Our 4×4 LED Light bars  are available in the following sizes- 4″ LED bars, 6″ LED light bars, 10″ LED light bars, 20″ LED bars, 30″ LED off-road light bars, 40″ LED Light bars, 50″ LED Light bars in White, Amber, RGB.Our premium grade automotive LED lighting systems can be applied to cars, trucks, trophy and stadium trucks, enduro racing, rally racing, SUV’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, Side by Sides (sXs), rock crawlers, hill climbing trucks, RV’s, lawn and farm equipment, forklifts, tow trucks, snow plows, construction equipment, emergency vehicles, motorcycles, and in marine applications.

40 inch LED marine spreader light bar


Check out our new and exclusive 40″ marine spreader light bar here-> https://nox-lux.com/product/aurora-40-inch-marine-series-single-row-scene-light/

Nox Lux also offers on and offroad accessories, emblem kits, tailgate inserts, custom dash kits, running boards, skid plates, LED grille kits, and more for Jeep, Toyota, 4×4’s, 4WD’s,


About Nox Lux-
Providing trendsetting life style vehicle accessories – We at Nox Lux love to be on the cutting edge of awesome automotive and off-road accessory development. We are always brainstorming, developing, producing, and selling the freshest and hottest products for the automotive accessories and off-road LED lights and accessories industries.
Illuminate Your Next Excursion At Light Speed With Nox Lux’s Hyper Performance Off-road LED Lights!


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