10 Inch LED Off-Road Light Bars

Some of the Best 10 inch LED Bars That Your Money Can Buy

The Different Types of 10 inch LED Light Bars Nox Lux Carries-

Are you looking for a quality and reliable auxiliary off-road 10 inch LED bar that is built to last and built to blast the darkness away on even the darkest of nights? Well, pay attention and read on then… Nox Lux is a retailer of premium grade off-road accessories and race ready off-road LED lighting systems. Our 10” LED light bars, as well as  almost all of our our off-road LED lights, are IP67, IP68, IP69K ingress rating approved (dust and water resistant, direct high pressure water), pass Military Specifications, are hand crafted with the finest of materials, utilize  “GRADE A” or “first pick” CREE LED or OSRAM LED technologies, are housed in a specially designed aluminum casing coated with a Dupont protective coating, sealed with GE LEXAN protective material, are rated for 50,000+ hours of non stop use,  plus our off-road LED lights come with a 2 year warranty.

The Different Types of Off-road LED Bars We Offer-

Single Row  10” LED bars Combo Beam-


Dual Row  10” LED bars-


10 Inch LED Light Bar Driving Beam-


10 Inch Marine Spreader Light Bar-


Still skeptical about the claims we make about our nearly indestructible off-road LED lights and LED bars?

Then check out this video of Aurora off-road LED lights being put through many destructive tests such as water jets, the ball bearing drop test, driven over by a big truck, dropped off the 6th floor of a building…

About Nox Lux-

nox luxPerformance grade off-road LED lighting systems by Nox Lux! Premium LED light bars ranging from 2 inch to 50 inch LED bars, LED driving lights, Off road Spot and fog lights, mini LED  rock lights, LED pod cube working lights, LED grille kits, skid plates, black out decal kits, tailgate inserts, and more!




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