Off road 4 inch LED Light Bars

Four inch LED light bars

Next generation off-road 4″ Osram LED or CREE LED light bars  from Nox Lux

Nox Lux’s Four inch LED Light Bar Features and Benefits-

– Cutting edge, USA Made, CREE LED or German Made OSRAM LED technology.
– High quality aluminum housing and efficient heat sink design allows for cool operation and longer operating life.
– Indestructible GE LEXAN lens.
– DuPont UV, anti mar, scratch resistant coating
– Plug and play Deutsch wiring harnesses.
– Stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware.
– Instant on and off- no warm up period!
– Run cooler than HID off-road Lights and Halogen Off-road lights.
– Use less electricity.
– 50,000+ hours of continuous use.
– Can withstand extreme weather conditions, heat, and cold.
– IP67, IP68, IP69k waterproof and ingress ratings against water, dust, sand, humidity…
– GORE Patented Breather
– Vibration proof and shock resistant
– Anti radio interference technologies
– Fully sealed wiring & housing
-Military Spec rated according to MIL 810 STD
– 2 year manufacturer warranty!

Our Selection of off-road 4 inch LED Lights and LED Bars-

Nox Lux’s Dual Row 4 inch LED off-road Lights- Flood

We currently offer one version of our premium 4 inch led lights in the flood beam configuration. Eight – 3 Watt CREE™ XBD White LEDs powering 24 Watts, projecting out 1920 Lumens, with a 350 Meter Beam Throw!

Nox Lux’s Dual Row 4 inch LED off-road Lights- Spot

We offer two variations of our 4 inch dual row led spot light bars. We have one version that has Eight – 5 Watt OSRAM Oslon White LEDs and the other variation with Eight – 3 Watt CREE™ XBD White LEDs.

Oslon LED’s- 40 Watt – 2240 Lumens with a 650 Meter Beam Throw

CREE LED’s – 24 Watt – 1920 Lumens with a 540 Meter Beam Throw

Click here to shop our selection of  dual row 4″ LED Light Bars

Nox Lux’s Single Row 4 inch LED off-road Lights-

We also offer premium 4 in. CREE LED Light bars in the sleek, low profile design,  single row design, and just about as every bit as powerful as the dual row 4″ LED bars. This off-road light pushes  20 Watts, 2200 Lumens,  with a 491 meter beam throw in the Spot beam variation and 339 meters with the Flood Beam variation.

Click here to shop our selection of single row 4″ LED light bars

Popular 4 In. LED light Bars Installations-

Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, ATV, UTV(Can AM,Polaris, Honda…), Dune Buggies, Sand Rails, RV’s and campers, Motorcycle, Project Vehicle, Excavator, Bucket  trucks, Dump Trucks, Road Rollers, Bulldozer, Mining Truck, Heavy Equipment, Emergency Vehicles, Fire Engine, Police Car, Rescue Vehicles, Military Vehicles, Tow Trucks, Communication Vehicle, Forklift, golf carts, Boats, Fishing Boat, Watercraft, Snowmobiles, Snow Plowing, Helicopters, Planes, etc.

Our 4 inch light bars are the best combination of hyper performance off-road lighting at  an extremely affordable price. We offer nothing but the very best quality OSRAM or CREE LED Lights and LED bars. Order Nox Lux’s state of the art off-road LED Light Bars to save yourself time, aggravation with installing multiple cheap lights that blow out in no time, and of course money with our next generation LED light bars.

Nox Lux –

Premium grade off-road LED lights and 4×4 accessories for automotive, recreational, agricultural, architectural, mechanical, commercial, industrial, off-road, and marine spreader light applications.


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