Nox Lux Runs Gauntlet; Compares Off-road LED Lights to Best and Worst Competitors

Nox Lux Off-road Lights vs. Other Manufacturers Off-road LED Lights

<— Nox Lux vs. Cheap Co.’s Off-road LED Lights…

Nox Lux Compares Off-road LED Lights To Other Leading Off-road LED Lighting Retailers, Rates Itself an 8 out of 10 in terms of performance, pricing, product offering, and warranty.

What makes Nox Lux’s off-road LED Lights and LED bars so special anyways?

Yup, over the past year or so we have been getting things in line for our next retail push in terms of new products, product lines, infrastructure, marketing, advertising, branding, etc. but before we do…
We figured it was time to clarify the major differences in our performance grade off-road LED lights compared to the likes of both the astounding amount of cheap LED lights found on E-bay and Amazon, as well as, the top of the line LED off-road lights from the likes of Rigid, Baja, VISION, JW Speaker, HELLA, KC Hilites, PIAA, PUTCO, ARB, Sierra, ANZO,….

How Nox Lux’s Off-road Lights Stack Up Against the Competition

So where do Nox Lux’s products fit into the picture on a scale of 1-10 when compared to the worst and the best, we would have to give ourselves at least an 8 in terms of quality, performance, pricing, life time value of product, warranty, and what is also actually included with the product when you purchase from a “stand up” off-road LED lighting retailer.(Unfortunately for the consumer,  a lot of 4×4 LED lighting companies do not include the mounting brackets, wiring harnesses, and any hardware you may need to simply install your off-road lights).

Nox Lux’s premium grade auxiliary off-road LED lighting systems are for the automotive and off-road aficionados that want only the best touching there “baby”,  but do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a one of the big brand names 4×4 lighting systems.

Our high performance off-road LED lights and LED bars are built to the highest of manufacturing standards, implement the latest and greatest in LED technologies from CREE LED and OSRAM LED, utilize pressure equalizing technologies such as GORE breathers which assist with keeping moisture from forming inside the light, have achieved and surpassed multi Military spec ratings, use optically clear GE LEXAN lens protective material, coated with a cutting edge Dupont UV/mar protective coating, and are IP69k rated for keeping out dust, smoke, mud, snow, water, etc. Now, go and compare our performance rated LED off-road lights to those cheap off-road LED lights you find on Amazon and Ebay, then go and compare our lights to the likes of of the big boys like Rigid, KC Hilites, HELLA, Baja LED, Sierra LED, ARB LED, Anzo, …

Nox Lux vs. Big Brand’s Off-road LED Lights…


After comparing off-road LED light systems product for product,; which off-road LED light retailer provides the best deal in terms of offering, performance, pricing, lifetime of product, warranty?

That is just a quick general overview comparison article on how Nox Lux’s premium grade off-road LED lighting systems stack up against both sides of the competitive spectrum in regards to auxiliary, automotive, and off-road LED lighting companies and their products.

Nox Lux Set the Record Straight, Now Compare Our Premium Grade Off-road LED Lights to Competitors to See the Benefits and Savings!!!

About Nox Lux-

Performance grade on and off-road LED lighting systems and accessories for the Automotive, Off Road, Maritime, Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial markets. Precision engineered, meticulously hand-crafted to the highest of manufacturing standards, built with the latest state of the art technologies, materials, and components.


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